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Are you a regular stitcher or just an embroidery addict?

Join our Exclusive Red Rabbit Embroidery Club and get Canadian inspired hand embroidery projects delivered straight to you!


2020 Monthly Patterns






MEMBERSHIP - ONLY $CAD30 per month

Apr                                                        May                            June

                         July                              Aug                            Sept

              Jan                  Feb - Valentines month                March


Become a Member


You get one embroidery kit, including a fun Canadian once-off contemporary design delivered to your doorstep each month plus the opportunity to give input on future designs and kits!

Each month's kit contains a brand new, original design which has already been transferred onto your fabric plus all thread/floss needed to complete the project.


Your  Welcome Starter Kit - our Happy Hockey Beaver, will be shipped to you within 2 days of registration so no need to wait an age to get started.

This kit contains your first embroidery project plus one bamboo 7 inch hoop and a needle, which you will be able to be use with all future monthly kits.

Monthly kits are shipped in the 1st week of each month for the length of your membership. Billing occurs on the 25th of the previous month. No obligation in term and free cancellation.


It works almost the same, except instead of monthly shipments - your kits will be delivered quarterly. Three kits in one parcel, delivered 4 times per year. This ensures we are following our eco-friendly business principles and able to offer free shipping to you too.

This membership is guaranteed to bring you much fun and creative stimulation as well as connecting you with a community of fellow embroidery fans. Connect with us and the Red Rabbit Community on Instagram @kindredspiritcanada and FB @KindredSpiritArtStudioCA where we welcome you to share your progress, stitches, ideas, tips and of course your final creations! Use #redrabbitsticher as a hashtag. 


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The Answers You Need


How much does the Club membership cost?

This depends on whether you are looking for a Canada or USA subscription. The fee for someone residing in Canada is CAD$30 per month. For someone residing in the USA, the fee is equivalent of $30 per month, however following the first Starter Kit - subsequent kits are shipped in batches of 3 kits per quarter. For members outside of North America, a quarterly delivery plan is also available however shipping will be dependent on your location. Please contact us for a quote.

Please note that any international tax or duty fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Customs or import duties are charged once the package reaches its destination country, and we cannot guarantee whether you will (or will not) be charged any additional taxes.


What are the payment options available?

We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal. Payments are all taken through our secure payment merchant system.

How much is Shipping?

Shipping in included in Canada and US memberships. 
For other international subscriptions - shipping is considered and added to the fees on agreement. Please contact us to calculate your rate.

What do I get for my membership?

You get a new embroidery kit delivered to to you monthly in Canada or quarterly in the USA.  Each design is unique, first seems by you as an exclusive member and will become a library of Canadian inspired images, all designed and created in Canada by our artist, Joanne Taylor. 

You will also be able to connect with a community of fellow embroidery fans on our website forum or on FB or Instagram @kindredspiritcanada, se #redrabbitclub, where we welcome you to share your progress, stitches, ideas, tips and of course your final creations! 

When will I get my Welcome Starter Kit?

We ship out your first kit 1-2 business days of your registration and payment. We aim to be as eco-friendly as possible and delivery is done via Canada Ground Post which takes 3-6 business days within Canada and 5-10 days in the USA. 

We've had feedback that some Canada deliveries arrive even sooner!

What is in my Starter Kit ?

This kit will set you up for your first project and future kits. 

This full kit includes:

Original pre-printed Beaver design on 28 count white 100% cotton fabric

1 x 7 inch bamboo embroidery hoop

Red, black & brown thread

1 x size 5 Embroidery needle

Insert with pattern guidelines and full instructions

What is in my Monthly Membership Kit?

You get a new embroidery kit delivered to to you monthly in Canada and quarterly in the USA.

Each monthly kit includes one pre-printed fabric with the " Design-of-the-Month" + embroidery floss to complete the project + design guidelines.

These designs are 5-6 inches when completed.

Monthly kits will not include a hoop. The hoop is included in your first Starter Welcome Package. Extra supplies are available in our shop or on request too. 

I am new to embroidery. Is the club option for me?

Of course! We have created each pattern to be used with almost every type of stitch! For beginners, we suggest keeping to the 4 basic stitches ( running stitch, back stitch, split stitch, and satin stitch) at first however we encourage you to use whatever stitch you feel like experimenting with. That is the best thing about these kits - you can make them uniquely yours!  Each starter pack also includes a Quick Stitch Guide to reference as your sew. This includes the most used 8 stitches. 


When will I be billed?

Billing is done on  a monthly basis of each month. You prepay for your first month and then join the next monthly payment cycle.

We ship your Starter Kit within 2 business days of registration and then subsequent  kits within the next monthly shipment. 

E.g: If you join on the 5th of Jan, you will be charged immediately and will receive your Starter Kit approx 3-6 days later. Your next payment will be charged on Jan 25th, and your first monthly kit will be mailed during the first days of Feb.

If you don't get your kit by the 15th of the month, please email us at contact@kindredspiritartstudio.com

Do you sell gift cards or vouchers?

Yes we do! This is a great gift to give and our vouchers include a 3 kit / 3 months subscription which can then be extended after the period is over. Check out the shop for more details on the Canadian and USA options.

What if I need a new hoop or prefer a different needle?

Monthly kits do not include a hoop. There is a 7 inch bamboo hoop included in your first Starter Welcome Package.  

Extra supplies are available in our shop and can be added to your monthly order, if ordered before the 25th of each month. 

Feel free to contact us through the Contact Form below or email us at contact@kindredspiritstudio.com.
We do also use Facebook @KindredSpiritArtStudioCA  and Instagram @KindredSpiritCanada  so please do reach out!

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